Hearing Aids: What Users Really Think, and Why You Should Care

Hikers climbing on the mountain, man wearing hearing aids.

Most individuals are pleased with their hearing aids: 91% of hearing aid wearers are satisfied with the hearing aid experience when talking one-on-one, as reported by a recent survey. When talking about specific activities, 85% were satisfied in a group environment and watching TV, 78% while in the store, and 75% in a restaurant or on the phone.

These are some spectacularly positive figures for a complex device like a hearing aid. But that still leaves us questioning, what’s happening with the other 25%, 15%, and 9%. Why aren’t they as satisfied with their devices?

Let’s examine the good and the bad things individuals have to say about their hearing aid results. (The good news, the majority of the bad things can be easily fixed.)

If you love your hearing aid, this article will help you love it even more. If you aren’t as happy with it as wish you were, we’ll investigate what to do about it.

1. I feel more connected

People who have had their ability to hear revived with a hearing aid frequently feel reconnected with people around them. Their energy levels are increased. They participate and stay more active.

Their failure to hear isn’t as frustrating anymore. They feel less exhausted because they don’t have to work so hard to understand what others are saying.

For many individuals, a hearing aid helps them feel more connected to their world and others, which is when they feel happiest.

2. At first, sounds seemed distorted

Modern hearing aids are digital. They don’t simply make sounds louder, they have lots of settings to help you hear best in a variety of places. That’s why people may be so satisfied in a one-on-one conversation but dissatisfied in a restaurant or on the phone.

It isn’t difficult to learn to use a hearing aid. But getting used to them will take a bit of practice.

3. I needed assistance finding out how to use my hearing aid

A frequent misunderstanding about hearing aids is that it’s a one-size-fits-all solution. If it doesn’t sound good when they first get home they may think that this is as good as it gets and choose not to wear the hearing aid.

Hearing is more complex than you may recognize. Hearing aids are designed to manage various types and degrees of hearing loss by changing how sound enters the ear.

When you are in the office, we will perform a complete hearing aid fitting. It’s strongly advised that you practice using your hearing aid by chatting with a friend at first.

Talk with us if you’re still having trouble after a couple of weeks. We can help you get a better comprehension of how your functions work and we can probably make some fine adjustments for you.

4. I had forgotten what I was missing without complete hearing

Do you remember what a subtle whisper sounds like? How about gentle laughter? What about the wind, wind chimes, birds singing, or soft music? Perhaps you can’t recall what children playing sounds like, or you’ve forgotten the sound of the gentle breathing of your significant other.

Many people who get a hearing aid share that it’s a pleasant surprise to suddenly hear these small things that they had forgotten about. Having these sounds restored means the full magnificence of the world around can once again be experienced by individuals who get hearing aids.

5. It took a while to get accustomed to my hearing aids

You most likely weren’t at first comfortable with your first pair of shoes when you were a baby. But now, of course, you’re completely comfortable with them. It may take time to become accustomed to a new hat or a new watch, in a similar way.

When something like a hearing aid is first put in your ear canal, your body is made to initially feel discomfort. But pretty soon, the body realizes there’s no threat and welcomes the device as an extension of the body.

6. I wish I would have invested in my hearing aids sooner

Individuals who put in the time to get used to their hearing aids would never go back. They usually regret waiting so long and they would never give up the benefits of healthy hearing.

People now wearing them who had trouble initially, say they’re so happy they persevered. Their lives have become so much more enriched.

Pay attention to improved hearing

Be patient and don’t quit, even if you aren’t yet having the best experience. The effort and time will be worth it. Soon, wearing the hearing aid will become second nature.

Let us know about what you’re experiencing with your hearing aids. We can typically offer advice on how to adjust to your hearing aids faster. The adjustment is worth it when you get the opportunity to experience all that life has to offer.

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